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What about all this back pain?

According to the NIH, National Library of Medicine, low back pain is a common musculoskeletal problem globally. The Mayo Clinic tells us that 80% of adults worldwide will experience back pain in their lifetime. Any of us who’ve fallen into this staggeringly large group of people can attest to the disruption that back pain can bring to our work and home lives. We can also affirm the strong correlation of back pain with depression and emotional distress of all types. Swan Pilates can help you manage your back pain and get you back to a full life.

We’ve learned that attention to our spinal health is as important as attention to our oral health. Daily, correctly applied interventions (activities, fitness programs, especially Pilates) promote the health of our entire body. Pilates’ focus on core strength and flexibility promotes spinal health as identified in the Harvard Health Publishing, Harvard Medical School, August 1, 2020, Staying Healthy.

Here’s a 3-minute “On the Go Pain Relief” video from Susan Swan, Owner, and Instrutor for Swan Pilates, with several suggestions on back pain relief that can be practiced daily. We know we all sit too long, slump over our computers, or hunker over our cell phones, and our backs will hurt. This quick intervention can help.

We want you to be well and at home in your own body.


Effective Programs Designed For YOU

What is Pilates?

A proven, whole-body, spinal health regiment utilizing attention, focus breath, and precise core movement to balance, strengthen, and vitalize your entire being.

A well-integrated Pilates Practice will benefit your:
  • Spinal Health
  • Strength, Balance, and Flexibility
  • Endurance and Stamina
  • Joint Protection
  • Neuromuscular Integration and Control
  • Mental Centering and Acuity
  • Amp up your game: Golf, Tennis, Pickleball, Pop Tennis, Cycling, Swimming, You name it!

You Have Choices!

Our Pilates classes offer people different ways to enjoy the age-defying benefits of Pilates, including:
  • Private Sessions (1:1)
  • Quartet Sessions (1:4)
  • Virtual Group Sessions


Dedicated to Education

  • Swan Pilates is dedicated to the highest levels of Teacher Education
  • Our Teachers are committed to Ongoing Education
  • We align with the following internationally recognized Pilates education programs:
  • Experienced, well-educated, Teachers have the ability to help You Exceed Your Individual Goals!

Original art of Adair Karlin, client of Swan Pilates since 2016

Success Stories From Our Clients!

How About Now?

When life gets busy, it’s easy to put your fitness routine on the backburner. But you deserve the balanced lifestyle, health and fitness benefits, and supportive community relationships that come along with taking Pilates classes at Swan Pilates. So, if you’ve been considering taking Pilates classes, why not get started now? Take the first step and contact us to learn more about our Pilates classes in Oro Valley, AZ. We look forward to hearing from you soon!