What Does Pilates Offer You?


You’ve certainly heard about Pilates before. But why do Pilates anyway? What do you really get from doing Pilates exercises?

Take a minute to learn the benefits of Pilates so you can make a more informed decision:

1. Improve Resistance to Certain Injuries

Pilates improves your core strength. Why is that a big deal? A stronger core decreases back and hip pain and prevents muscular injuries throughout your body.

That’s why professional athletes, as well as everyday people, use and benefit from Pilates exercises.

Put simply, Pilates balances the muscles of your body. This leads to them becoming neither too tight nor too rigid. Balanced muscles are much less susceptible to injury of any kind.

In addition, Pilates improves support and stability to your joints while you move. This also reduces the chance of injury to your joints.

2. Boost Your Energy

Pilates focuses on breath, which helps increase cardiorespiratory capacity. This improves the flow of oxygen and blood circulation throughout your body.

But, because Pilates is relatively low impact, you rarely feel fatigued after doing the exercise. And instead, you walk away with a boost in your energy.

3. Decrease Stress

We live in one of the most stressful societies in the world. So, anything you can do to take down your stress levels is great.

Fortunately, Pilates does just that. First, focusing on your breath helps calm your nervous system. In addition, this helps lower cortisol (the stress hormone). While your stress levels decrease after each session, there is also a cumulative effect that lowers your stress over time.

4. Lose Weight

Regularly practicing Pilates promotes weight loss. The exercises do help you burn calories. And when you burn more calories than you take in, you lose weight.

For maximum benefits, combine Pilates with aerobic exercise and a healthy eating plan.

5. Improve Your Immune System

At first glance, you might wonder how Pilates could possibly help with your immune system.

However, at least three different studies (study 1, study 2, and study 3) have found Pilates does just that, and especially so in older people.

While the research was done on older adults, it also suggests all ages may experience a boost to their immune system. This happens mainly because of the improved circulation Pilates offers.

These Aren’t The Only Benefits You Get

While you just read some of the main benefits you can get from Pilates, you certainly haven’t learned them all.

Benefits can also be found in your cognitive functioning, motivation, sex life, and much more.

The point is that there’s many benefits you can get from Pilates. If you’re looking to feel better and improve your health, Pilates is an exercise well worth your time.

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