Swan Pilates’ Home is Oro Valley, Arizona


All of us at Swan Pilates are proud to be part of the Oro Valley community. In addition to its unique culture and rich history, Oro Valley is home to many kindhearted people. We take the time to stay active in the community however we can, whether we’re attending an Oro Valley Chamber event, donating to charity, or helping people in the community stay connected.

Greater Oro Valley Chamber of Commerce

We have been continuous and active members of Greater Oro Valley Chamber of Commerce, which helps businesses and people in the community connect in meaningful ways. For instance, our founder Susan Swan was the speaker at the Chamber’s Inaugural  Lunch & Learn event in February 2022. During the event, Susan met with other local business owners to share insights and lessons she’s learned from starting Swan Pilates and pivoting through the pandemic.

Involvement in Charities and Local Organizations

Swan Pilates is involved in various charities and local organizations. We find that word of mouth is the best way to discover different charities that people in our community are involved in. When one of our clients or staff members lets us know about a charity or organization that they support, we make an effort to check it out and support it, too.

Supporting Other Local Businesses

As a small business, we know how important it is to have the support of other businesses in the community. That’s why Susan is proud to serve on the Greater Oro Valley Chamber of Commerce Board of Directors and support Chamber sponsored events throughout the year. Swan Pilates supports local businesses through the Chamber, of course, but also within and among  our clients, whether we’re making a purchase or spreading the word about their businesses.

Helping the Community Stay Connected

Our Pilates sessions help the Oro Valley community stay connected. Clients see the same friendly faces, so it’s common for clients to form friendships with their fellow classmates as well as our staff. It really brings us joy knowing that our studio is a place where people in the community can meet, catch up, laugh, and of course, enjoy Pilates for life!

Keeping the Community Fit and Healthy

Taking Pilates classes at Swan Pilates is a great way for people invest in themselves and prioritize their health and fitness. Pilates can help people improve their strength and mobility, decrease pain, and look younger than they actually are. We truly care about our clients and community, so we love doing our part to help people enjoy healthier, more balanced lifestyles.

Everyone is welcome at Swan Pilates, no one is too fat, too thin, too old, too awkward, too out of shape, or too anything. The work serves men as well as women. We invite you to book an introductory seesion  and experience the difference that Pilates can make in your life. Our studio is located at the corner of First Ave and Tangerine in Oro Valley, AZ, but we also offer live streaming virtual classes that you can attend from just about anywhere. Now is really great time to get started!

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