Pilates: Use It Or Lose It

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In life, and with everything in general, two energies always compete. One force tries to grow while another declines. Life doesn’t “stand still.” It doesn’t work that way.

The side that gets the most conscious or unconscious attention wins out. You always feed something.

A couple examples will help clarify the point.

Think of a garden. That which you give the most conscious or unconscious attention to grows.

Water and fertilize your plants, and weed your garden, and your plants end up winning out over the weeds (conscious attention).

Stop paying attention to your plants, and the weeds will take hold and win out (unconscious attention).

Or, take your home for example. You must do active work to maintain your property to a certain level (conscious attention). The idea of maintaining your home to a certain state without effort is a total fallacy (unconscious attention).

In order to keep your home up to a certain standard, you have to do work to it yourself, or hire someone else to do that for you.

If you simply do nothing over a period of years and decades, your home becomes the eyesore on your block. But, if you actively choose to maintain your home up to a certain standard, then it either remains in line with your community’s standard, or possibly even exceeds it.

And So It Is with Pilates and Your Personal Health and Wellness

These same concepts apply to Pilates. Just like your garden and home, you need to consciously choose to invest in yourself.

And you need to do this every day. If you do, you’ll experience many health benefits.

If you don’t, then you don’t get those benefits. Or, they last for just a short time and then fade away.

Speaking specifically of Pilates, you can experience benefits like increased cardiorespiratory fitness, decreased stress, and improved cognitive functioning.

And the aforementioned benefits aren’t the only ones you can get. You can also:

  • Lose weight because Pilates decreases stress (which causes you to gain weight) and increases your motivation to participate in more intense cardio activity
  • Improve your sleep, and especially so if you are under 40
  • Boost your mood because regular Pilates exercises reduce anxiety, fatigue, depressive symptoms, and negative thought patterns

The point to understand is that you only get these benefits by consistently practicing Pilates.

You cannot keep these benefits without it.

There’s many, many more benefits available when you choose to consistently do Pilates.

Yes. These impressive benefits are just some available.

So, when you choose Pilates, make sure you do them as regularly as your instructor recommends!

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