Originally from France, Mylène started in the fitness industry by teaching Aerobic classes in 1982, at the tender age of 20! She first came to the US in 1985 via San Diego, where she taught Aerobics, Stretching and Strength group classes, and also started as a Personal Trainer. Mylène discovered the Pilates method in 1994 […]


Mark joined Swan Pilates in 2021, but he’s been honing his instructor skills for three years. He’s driven by a passion to help people love their bodies again and successfully executes that goal via unmatched communication skills and an observant eye.  Pilates wasn’t always Mark’s biggest dream. As a child, he fantasized about being a […]


Though Dawn joined Swan Pilates in 2021, she’s been enhancing her skills as a Pilates instructor for eight years. Her reliable work ethic and easygoing disposition are the perfect fit for our hardworking studio team and its loyal students.  Dawn always knew her destiny was in the sports sector. As a child, she had always […]


Shannon has been with Swan Pilates since its establishment in 2019. However, she’s been cultivating her skills as a Pilates Teacher since 2006. A born leader, Shannon boasts the perfect mix of organizational know-how and genuine client compassion that result in tailored, effective, and enjoyable Pilates sessions.  Shannon always aspired to be in the spotlight. […]