Christina Fay

As the Outreach Liaison at Swan Pilates, Christina’s approachable friendliness make her the perfect candidate for Swan Pilates’ Community Relations opportunities. Her genuine helpful nature fuels her interest in clients’ successes. Christina is a born networker and her  energies go a long way to support our tight-knit community  She effortlessly guides people to a healthy […]

Katie Ramirez

Katie joined the Swan Pilates team in January 2022. As a recent college graduate, Katie is excited to apply her newfound skills to the real world, and she does so with attentive and personable execution.  Katie’s unparalleled combination of organizational, customer service, and communication skills are what keep Swan Pilates running seamlessly. Her education and […]

Julia Schlueter

In her role as Administrative Director of Business Operations, Julia brings to Swan Pilates over 30 years of experience leading Operations and Human Resources functions with an emphasis on start-up strategies and leadership.  Julia is responsible for maintaining the infrastructure and ever-changing operational ends of the business to keep the studio’s dynamics consistently at the […]